Ratio and Proportion 1/3

17. Rs.5625 is divided among A, B and C so that A may receive $\displaystyle\frac{1}{2}$ as much as B and C together receive, B receives $\displaystyle\frac{1}{4}$ of what A and C together receive. The share of A is more than that of B by :
a. Rs.750
b. Rs.775
c. Rs.1500
d. Rs.1600

18. A certain amount was divided between Kavita and Reena in the ratio of 4:3. If Reena's share was Rs.2400, the amount is :
a. Rs. 5600
b. Rs. 3200
c. Rs. 9600
d. Rs. 9800

19. The prices of a scooter and a television set are in the ratio 3:2 . If a scooter costs Rs.6000 more than the television set, the price of the television set is :
a. Rs.6000
b. Rs.10,000
c. Rs.12,000
d. Rs.18,000

20. If 18:x = x:8, then x is equal to :
a. 144
c. 72
c. 26
d. 12

21. A right cylinder and a right circular cone have the same radius and the same volume. The ratio of the height of the cylinder to that of the cone is :
a. 3:5
b. 2:5
c. 3:1
d. 1:3

22. A circle and square have same area. Therefore, the ratio of the side of the square and the radius of the circle is :
a. $\sqrt \pi :1$
b. $1:\sqrt \pi $
c. $1:\pi $
d. $\pi :1$

23. In a class, the number of boys is more than the number of girls by 12% of the total strength. The ratio of boys to girls is :
a. 11:4
b. 14:11
c. 25:28
d. 28:25

24. A, B and C do a work in 20, 25 and 30 days respectively. They undertook to finish the work together for Rs.2220, then the share of A exceeds that of B by :
a. Rs.120
b. Rs.180
c. Rs.300
d. Rs.600

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