Vocab Test - 6


1. HYPOTHESIS (A) assumption (B) proof (C) estimate (D) random guess (E) established truth

2. ALACRITY (A) laziness (B) indecision (C) caution (D) promptness (E) fearlessness

3. JETTISON (A) throw overboard (B) dismantle (C) scuttle (D) unload cargo (E) camouflage

4. VACILLATE (A) glitter (B) swerve (C) surrender (D) soften (E) waver

5. ASTUTE (A) shrewd (B) futile (C) potent (D) provocative (E) ruthless

6. PROVISO (A) final treaty (B) condition (C) demand (D) official document (E) proclamation

7. MACABRE (A) gruesome (B) meager (C) sordid (D) fantastic (E) cringing

8. AUGMENT (A) curtail (B) change (C) restore (D) conceal (E) increase

9. INTEGRAL (A) useful (B) powerful (C) essential (D) mathematical (E) indestructible

10. IMPUNITY (A) shamelessness (B) power of action (C) self-reliance (D) haughtiness (E) exemption from punishment

11. LATENT (A) inherent (B) lazy (C) dormant (D) crushed (E) anticipated

12. OBDURATE (A) patient (B) stupid (C) rude (D) stubborn (E) tolerant

13. BELLICOSE (A) boastful (B) warlike (C) sluggish (D) fantastic (E) oriental

14. ARROYO (A) cliff (B) plain (C) ranch (D) gully (E) cactus

15. AUGUR (A) enrage (B) foretell (C) suggest (D) evaluate (E) minimize

16. CONTRITE (A) infectious (B) worried (C) penitent (D) sympathetic (E) tolerant

17. PETULANT (A) silly (B) gay (C) sarcastic (D) officious (E) quarrelsome

18. PAEAN (A) prize (B) song of praise (C) decoration (D) certificate (E) story of heroism

19. EXOTIC (A) romantic (B) exciting (C) wealthy (D) strange (E) tropical

20. ARCHIPELAGO (A) slender isthmus (B) long, narrow land mass (C) string of lakes (D) high, flat plain (E) group of small islands


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